Saturday, December 1, 2012

50 facts about Niall James Horan

                                                               Niall James Horan
      1. He was born September 13th 1993 to parents Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher
2. His Parents are divorced
3. His Favorite restaurant is Nandos
4.He was born in Malinger Ireland
5.He is a huge fan of Justin Bieber
6.After he met Justin Bieber Harry had to take him outside so he could scream how happy he was
7.He believes in no sex before Marriage
8. Hes 5'7
9. He'd rather lick a fat mans armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise
10. Niall loves his bed almost as much as he loves food and sleeping
11.When Niall met Micheal Buble he was holding liams hand the entire time cuz he was so nervous
12. He cried the most when they lost Xfactor
13. NIall Wants a girlfriend who eats as much as him (which is A LOT)
14. If Niall could live anywhere it would be Nandos
15. Niall would date a fan as long as they didnt fan girl in front of him
16.Niall doesnt like model looking girls as they are too perfect he thinks little quirks and flaws are so cute!
17. Niall finds hot pants farting and being funny a turn on
18. Niall once had a dream all the food in the world was gone and he woke up crying
19. Nialls ideal first date would be eating spaghetti (messily) in a posh restaurant
20. Niall loves green eyes
21. Niall loves it when his girlfriends play with his hair
22.While filming the WMYB music video Niall got confused as he didnt know how many times to sing na
23. Niall is naturally dark brunette
24. The only book niall has ever read is to kill a mockingbird
25. Nialls favorite scary movie is prom night
26. Niall would like to collaborate with Justin Bieber
27. Niall had always been small for his age but was never bullied because he tried to be nice to everyone
28. Niall says hed always walk his girlfriend home Hes too protective
29. If Niall got a girlfriend hed feed her playfully all the time
30. Niall used to sneak food into class for when he got bored but not even when he was bored he just loves food
31. Niall once said I hate it when girls act stupid cuz they think its cute intellegance is sexy
32. Niall cried while watching the notebook and finding nemo
33.Niall hasnt kissed that many girls
34. Nialls favorite justin bieber songs are one less lonely girl and u smile
35. Niall says " age is just a number who cates how old the girl i date is?"
36. Niall has a strange obsession with giraffes
37. "My accent always works with girls they like it i have no idea why" (Its cuz it sexy)
38. When Niall isnt working his schedule goes sleep fart eat listen to music fart on twitter fart eat sleep.
39. "I Love hair I have a hair fettish oh and i LOVE a good bum"
40. While filming find the phone niall accidentally groped liams crotch
41. The Xfactor bosses tried to put niall on a diet.
42. Nialls favorite item of his clothing is a shirt that says "Free Hugs"
43. Niall doesn't like rabbits as they are pointless and do nothing
44. Niall once waxed his legs for charity
45. Niall loves muffins but says they are just ugly cupcakes
46. On the album released on the 21st of november NIall wrote 5 songs
47. Niall used to hae an imaginary friend named micheal
48. Niall is left handed (Like me)
49. Niall hates when girls are afraid to eat in front of him
50. Niall gives the best hugs!


  1. I love Niall so much!!! xxx <3 Im his biggest fan! xx

  2. I'm laughing so -_- =)) haha, he always make me laugh =))

  3. Ihe is d best for me , no matter whom he chooses , he is lyk my bro